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Checking & Total Skills Clinic

To play at the top of your game, it is critical to be able to properly give and receive contact to avoid potential injury. Each player will develop the skills and confidence needed to play to the best of their abilities in tight, challenging physical situations.   Instruction will include daily combinations of teaching proper technique to give/receive contact (checking), power skating, puck control, shooting, and small area games .  All drills will be done utilizing full contact (checking). This clinic is designed for U14 players and will provide: 

  • The right techniques for players transitioning into/currently playing with checking and body contact.  

  •  Specialized drills focused on both receiving and delivering contact.    

  • Players will receive a total of 8 hours of instruction over 4 consecutive days.

  • This clinic will be limited to 18 players and 2 goalies to maximize reps and allow for the attention needed to ensure proper techniques.